Friday, February 22, 2013

Sec. of Health Smith's Resignation more than coincidence.

For those who don't live in the Madison area, here's a look at the shit that hit the fan today over the resignation of the State Sec. of Health Dennis Smith. It was ugly, and speculation swirled around the possible affair he supposedly had last summer as a possible reason why he's essentially running out of town. Funnier still, he going to work at a law firm...he'll need it?

His replacement, Kitty Rhoades, is just as partisan and just as much a conservative disciplinarian as Smith, after suggesting poor people somehow pay for their health care with money from their "vacation envelope," a technic her mother used way back when. Any poverty level families have vacation envelopes to raid?

Underlying all of this? Scott Walker's horrendous inability to recognize character flaws. So far, 6 individuals, including three ex-Walker aides, one appointee and a campaign donor have been criminally convicted. Sweet. But that's assuming Walker's a bad judge of character, which may not be the case. Who's to say he hasn't got just what he wanted.

From WKOW Marc Lovicott:

Here's WISC Channel3000 and Tony Galli:

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