Thursday, February 14, 2013

Guns NOT cutting down on Violent Crime! There goes another gun nut myth.

Guns hobbyists always point to countries with strict gun laws as having higher rates of violent crime.

Guns may kill over 10,000 people a year in America, but at least we haven’t made violent crime any worse…or have we?

Oh, oh, guns aren't making us safer, again:
jsonline: Milwaukee violent crime climbs by 9.4% in 2012: The increase was fueled up a 33% increase in aggravated assaults in 2012 … Domestic violence-related assaults were up by 48%, according to police. Police Chief Edward Flynn said, “I'm encouraged that greater outreach and collaboration in the area of domestic violence prevention may have increased citizen confidence. It appears that this confidence is leading to more reporting." 

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