Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I guess you could say Gov. Walker helped families with an income of $80,600 get a tax cut, if $106 is enough to buy your vote.

Scott Walker's budget is an insult to actual administrating.

The deficit in state governments main account, if you were to use the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), would rise by $600 million. Big deal, who uses that to balance the state books anyway. Not Walker, who by the way, called Gov. Jim Doyle a liar for not using GAAP to balance his budgets. Welcome to our big government Republicans:
jsonline: The state's structural balance, a comparison of its expected tax revenues and spending based on current levels plus changes in state law affecting future budgets, would deteriorate from a projected surplus of $146 million this year to a potential deficit of $188.2 million in fiscal year 2015. Using more comprehensive GAAP accounting practices, the state deficit would grow to $2.64 billion from $2.06 billion, an increase of 29% over two years .
Things are getting bigger:
Spending of state tax dollars would total $30.5 billion over the two years, an increase of 1.4% in the first year and 3.5% in the second year. Walker is proposing increasing the number of full-time positions in state government to 69,974, an increase of 711, or 1%.
And those shady bottom feeders, similar to those payday lending companies:
The governor wants to make it easier in undisclosed ways for rent-to-own businesses to operate in the state.
Soon every business will have those same "undisclosed" privileges. Good idea?

And try this down-the-rabbit-hole approach to school funding, or to be perfectly honest, defunding?
Walker wants to put $129.2 million over two years into public schools' general aid. But schools would be held to their same limits in the overall money they can raise from state and locals property taxes. That means they would end up reducing property taxes to offset the extra state money rather than spending more on education.
The bottom line honest assessment:
Steve McNeal, superintendent of the Beloit School District, said "The low-hanging fruit is gone for us," he said. "We've pulled every rabbit out of the hat."
But if any of this gives you pause, don't worry, Walker's got a little "incentive" if you know what I mean (and I do mean little):
The governor said his budget would mean a $106 per year decrease in the income taxes of a family with two working adults, two children, income of $80,600 a year and current tax liability of $3,510. The cut would begin for the current 2013 year and show up when taxpayers file their returns next spring.
Yeah Walker?

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  1. Walker did more than call Doyle a liar for describing the cash-balanced budget "balanced" when it had a GAAP deficit.

    He said "Burlington Liars' Club should cancel this year's World
    Championship Liars' Competition
    - no one can beat the World Champion Lies Jim Doyle told tuesday night"

    The GAAP deficit that elicited that remark from Walker was less than the one from Walker's first FY in charge, and much less than the one projected in his budget proposal.