Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sheriff David Clarke unleashes Penis Envy and Race Card to defend himself. Why is he still in office?

Sheriff David Clarke continues to hold his job and still continues to get support by conservatives who've lost their self respect two decades ago.

It won't be long before this guy snaps, and then I'll we'll wonder why something wasn't done sooner.

jsonline-Dan Bice: Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. is becoming the Ann Coulter of Milwaukee politics. Just when you think Clarke can't top the last thing he said or did, he surprises with something new and just as provocative.

Fresh off his interview on a national radio show whose host has peddled the idea that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were an inside job, Clarke is now accusing Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele of "penis envy" and is playing the race card in their ongoing dispute. Clarke made these comments in a note (subscription required) "Sounds like a bit of penis envy by Abele in responding to Bice (Conway's the straw man here, you know that)," Clarke wrote. "Abele is not used to taking a back seat to anyone, especially some black conservative sheriff."

"Abele's true colors are revealed in this e-mail," Clarke wrote. "When asked he continually looks into the camera of the media with that (expletive) eatin' grin of his and tells them that by cutting my budget, laying off deputies and usurping the constitutional authority of the sheriff that his actions are not personal. Oh really? This e-mail to Bice tells a different story."

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