Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Justice Prosser a Danger to fellow Justice Bradley, who needed security and locked her door at night.

Just how bad do we need to throw out the conservative bullies on the Wisconsin Supreme Court?

Well, if you have to lock your door after hours to protect yourself from an aging partisan misogynist,  we're long long over due.

I wonder what the conservative radio jackals will say about this lurking and sinister Justice? They won’t, or they'll blame "liberals," whatever that means.
jsonline: State Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley received stepped-up security from law enforcement more than two months before Justice David Prosser put his hands around her neck in a dispute over a controversial case, according to a court document issued Wednesday.

That disclosure came in a decision Bradley released recusing herself from the ethics case against Prosser over the June 2011 altercation. Bradley wrote in the filing that she and Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson to this day lock themselves in their offices when working after hours because of concerns about Prosser's behavior. "If nothing is done, I wonder what will happen next in this escalating pattern of abusive behavior," Bradley wrote.

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  1. Does prosser have a conceal and carry permit? Is prosser who dur fuhrer scott walker has in mind when he says we need to spend more money on mental health?

    prosser was scotty's mentor.

    Word on the street is that prosser is a kinky dude -- likes young men, leather, chains, and bondage -- my sourcing on this is solid.

    If prosser likes it rough, he should leave the women alone -- he can and does find men-for-hire in Madison, but none will come forward.

    Wonder just what he mentored scotty in?

    We will see another stolen election this spring -- secret proprietary voting systems that exclude public verification and deny real recounts are there for a reason.

    The real reason the propaganda echo-chamber screeches so loud is that this is what is used to justify impossible election outcomes -- they create the illusion of a 50/50 nation angrily divided.

    Now they can proclaim only 50.1 percent is a majority and then a mandate -- all enabled by propaganda.