Friday, February 15, 2013

Dumb Ron Johnson gets more of the wrong kind of attention: Looking the fool on Guns, Government Investment and the Constitution.

Dumb Ron Johnson doesn't have a constitutional clue. Tea party blowhard's love to embarrass themselves in public, spouting revisionist interpretations of the most liberal of liberals, the founding fathers. Even worse, Dumb Ron Johnson is playing a fictionalized character in what he sees as an unwritten Ayn Rand story, where a married-into-millions everyman takes on Washington, D.C..

Johnson Against Investment: From WPT's morning news show, Johnson contradicts himself from one sentence to the other. He claims we should invest in infrastructure but then says we can't. He then whines household incomes has declined by $4,000 without a hint of irony or self reflection, never seeing how conservative policies have shifted gains in productivity only to the top while stagnating wages.

The breathlessly stupid kicker? Dumb Ron Johnson says private investment in business can do a better job than government, which ignores the fact that that's our problem, banks aren't "investing..." Remember Ron, it's that whole Republican "uncertainty" argument....alright, control yourself John, that's why we know he's dumb.

And guns...we've been passing an repealing gun regulations for the last century. Many of these laws have been in place for years, but in limited locations throughout the country. What Obama is proposing to do is nationalized common sense regulation.

But Dumb Ron Johnson thinks we're jamming regulation through without a time diluting "robust" debate. I see, like the "robust" debate we had over Act 10, or the mining bill, or high speed rail, or the expansion of Medicaid and health care exchanges, voter ID...? Johnson ran for senate so he could help repeal Obamacare, because that was rammed down our throats without debate. Yeah right, a century wasn't long enough.

Listening to this reminded me of "Minority Report," because that's what Johnson seemed to be pushing as a way to deal with gun deaths:

Let's not forget his bizarre vote against the Violence Against Women Act:
In a statement Wednesday, GOP Sen. Ron Johnson said he voted against re-authorizing the Violence Against Women Act because it contained “serious flaws,” including an “unconstitutional expansion of tribal authority.” Republicans have objected to allowing tribal courts for the first time to prosecute men who aren't American Indians when they're accused of abusing an American Indian woman on a reservation. Johnson argued that provision was an unconstitutional expansion of tribal authority.

The executive director of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, Maggie Brickerman, assailed Johnson’s vote Tuesday, calling the vote “blind extremism.”“All the Republican women in the Senate, and support from advocates, cops, judges and average men and women ... But Ron Johnson, like Wisconsin's Republicans, can always be counted on to march to the beat of Tea Party drums no matter how it conflicts with the interests of most of the rest of Wisconsin.” 

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