Monday, February 25, 2013

Ryan was for the sequester, before he was against it....

It must be tough, or you'd have to be the most clueless idiot on earth, to deny your past support for something you passionately believed in for so many years.

That's our lyin' Paul Ryan. Sadly, video remnants of past declarative statements by Ryan, continues to hold him captive to reality, and expose his now obvious policy shell game.

So how can Ryan blame Obama for the horrors of the sequester, when it was all Ryan could talk about, once upon a time:

I think Politicususa said it best:
Representative (and failed VP nominee) Paul Ryan (R-WI) can tell you all about how great sequestration is. Why, he’s been a fan since 2004. Not just a fan — he’s pushed sequestration as the solution, as good governance, since 2004. When he finally got it in 2011, he bragged about it to Fox News. Oh, the conservatives finally got it, he told Sean Hannity! The holy grail of economic discipline is here! WOO HOO!

Ryan explained, “We want to make it very difficult for Congress to avoid this budget discipline.”

Now that it’s here, though, Paul Ryan no likey the sequester anymore. Budget discipline bad.

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