Thursday, February 14, 2013

Roggensack gets even more help, in effort to save her job as a Supreme Court conservative activist.

Remember when a special report claiming Milwaukee County was bankrupt under Scott Walker was held back because they didn't want it to be the subject of the campaign? Yeah, that was weird.

They're doing it again, but this time with the conservative Supreme Court Justice up for reelection. Is anybody else getting this?

Justice Roggensack’s collapsing reelection campaign has brought out the Republican roaches, with the Walker Authority falsely denying the liberal justices had asked for special security, and now...
jsonline: The state Judicial Commission has told its special prosecutor - at least for the moment - not to pursue new avenues to forward its ethics case against state Supreme Court Justice David Prosser.

Gimbel said Thursday he has given other options to the Judicial Commission on how to proceed with the case, but he was told not to pursue any of them for now.

"My instructions are to leave things as they are," he said.
Yeah, wouldn't it be better if all of this shit didn't hit the fan during the reelection efforts of an activist conservative justice? 

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