Monday, February 18, 2013

Sen. Darling says WEDC inherited the loans they lost, blaming former Gov. Doyle. Don't you hate it when Democrats help business?

So let me get this right; Gov. Walker's hybrid government/private monstrosity, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, decided not put in place a system that keeps track of every loan made by the state because some of them originated under former Gov. Jim Doyle? They didn't  count?

As a private citizen, Doyle was supposed to continue to keep track the government loans...?

With super majorities, gerrymandering and unlimited campaign funding, Republicans don't even have to work at making sense anymore.

One of the slowest minds in the state senate, and our Michele Bachmann, Alberta Darling, is actually making that claim. Not only is Darling okay with losing track of the old loans made by somebody else, but she apparently wants us to forget how mismanaged the WEDC was under the supervision of Walker.

After Democratic Rep. Jon Richards asks Darling to take up a bill to increase transparencey and accountability, she responds dismissive  "We'll look at it." Yeah, right. From Upfront with Mike Gousha (Goo-shay):

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