Monday, February 18, 2013

Sen. Darling offers tax cuts from surplus, then claims Wisconsin can't afford investing in education.

Republican State Sen. Alberta Darling came across as a human talking point, spewing that same sick selfish reasoning for trashing our kids educational futures.

Asked whether it would be better to restore the draconian cuts made to education with the revenue surpluses, instead of a ridiculous $100-$200 tax cut, Darling gave us two choices. From Upfront with Mike Gousha:

Darling: "Well we have two choices. One is to help individuals get more resources,  keep more money to themselves so they can spend it, or grow big government." 
Schools are big government. That helps clarifies why they want to privatize it, aside from the profit motive.
Darling: "Would we like to invests more in education, of course, but we have to live within our means. And if you compare Wisconsin with other states, we're much better off."
"Living within our means" means returning revenue surpluses? SURPLUSES.

And we're not doing better. Democratic Rep. Jon Richards pointed that out, but Darling said that that ACTUAL FACT wasn't true. Big surprise. Darling, like Walker, quotes an opinion poll of CEO's cheering the state on to deregulate and cut taxes as proof we're doing better. Forbes Magazine had a different and more statistically devastating look at the state's low low business rankings.

A while back, when a reporter asked Darling what would happen if their agenda, service cuts and tax cuts didn't work, she shot back (and I'm paraphrasing), "We'll have to make more cuts."

That should tell you somethimg.


  1. I don't have audio on this computer, so I can't listen, but your posts on Alberta did not mention whether Gousha challenged any of her statements. Or doesn't he do that?

  2. Good question, and I have an answer.

    Gousha does ask those kinds of followup questions, but didn't have to this time because Rep. Jon Richards corrected Darling.

    Let's just say Gousha is better than most talk hosts.