Thursday, February 21, 2013

Online Education Failure, Privatization not Working.

Just be keenly aware of how Scott Walker and legislative Republican describe the wonders of online schools. Those programs have been miserable failures. But common sense would tell you that.

Online education is specifically geared to children who have different needs. It's not for everyone. They are not another system of education like charter schools and private schools, although I don't consider them legitimate either, because Republicans have given them magical qualities and importance that just make education...happen.

The following NPR report should finally put the final nail in the coffin of this privatization scheme, known as cyber schools. Pass this along to every school board member you know, and every parent you know talking about this scam.
Public cyber schools are popping up across the country, even for the youngest students. Many are run by the same for-profit company, which has made a big business of online education. But student test scores are falling short.

You'll notice the parents who have bought into this will never be honest with themeselves. They will always like K12, despite the overall bad grades. They either won't admit how bad they are at their jobs, or they see something in their children those tests would never show. Big surprise.

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