Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rep. Robin Vos targets GAB over trumped up "violation of law."

State Republicans are piling up the most ridiculous complaints, in anticipation of revamping the non-partisan Government Accountability Board into a political arm to game Wisconsin's elections. Really, they've even said so.

The whiniest asshole in the Assembly, Robin Vos, seems oblivious to logic, reason and the process of voting, especially after you hear his latest bit of phony outrage.

While the GAB gave clear reasons why they are holding off updating the registration system-small community clerks don't have the staff to meet the deadline-Vos' mental block and outrage over the boards violation of the law is the last straw. Even though the law really doesn't apply to the GAB. The GAB "volunteered," forced by an activist Waukesha judge, to take on those duties. But without the voter lists from the town clerks, what are the options?
WKOW: Vos says the WAB isn't doing the job it promised ... "The requirement has always been all of those changes are made to the system prior to the February election so that we're able to have a current, updated voter roll for the February primary," said Rep. Vos. "That's already come and gone."
Vos said nothing about the county clerks.
Now Vos and others want an audit of the agency, while Senator Leah Vukmir (R-Wauwatosa) has gone so far as to ask Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen to investigate the matter. Said Rep. Vos, "...accountability is sorely lacking and that is exactly what this clearly shows." 
Vos said nothing about the county clerks.
But GAB Spokesperson Reid Magney says state law only says municipal clerks are required to update the system within 90 days, and that the GAB is waiting because many small town clerks don't have the resources to compile their voter lists within that time frame.

But Vos doesn't get the part about the county clerks.
"...because the lists from many of those small towns weren't yet updated, it turned out that thousands who received the postcards had actually voted the previous November. That's why the GAB now waits until April, but Republicans say the law doesn't allow for them to do that. looks like the Republicans are stuck, and may have to get off their fat taxpayer supported asses and actually work on a solution.  


  1. And guess who cuts aid to local governments while pushing unfunded mandates like this? That's right, the GOP, led by his Whininess, Robin Vos.

    Much like with public schools, these jag bags want the GAB to do worse, so they can say "it's failing", and replace them with their own appointed hacks

  2. Mr. Vos might be pressuring GAB because they are leading the investigation into the complaints that Vos (actually a total of 43 Republican legislators) have received illegal bribes from of course he's got to try to discredit that agency that can take him to court on his latest ethic problem.