Monday, February 11, 2013

Rural Red areas of the State need a Reminder...

If I were running as a Democrat in a rural area, I would start out with a few simple truths:

I would run on carving out an exception in the “death tax” (their term) for family farms only.

I would bring real health care competitive, a marketplace to rural areas, to lower their sky rocketing costs.

I would point out how important it is to bring high speed internet to rural areas and smaller towns to spur on vital economic growth, and point out how internet providers blocked upgrades because it wasn't profitable. Their Republican friends went along.

I would hammer on the Republican attempt to delay mail delivery to rural areas by consolidating distribution centers, but then remind them of how Republicans reversed their position after conservative voters complained they wanted their mail on time. 

I would ask them why they continue to tolerate the Republican attempts to delay the farm bill and drought aid.

I would remind them how high speed rail included upgrades to track and trains moving farm product to market.

I would remind them that Republicans are making it difficult to hire farm help by not dealing with immigration reform.

And I've only just scratched the surface.  

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