Thursday, February 14, 2013

Republicans demand Obama Legitimize Benghazi Witch Hunt or U.S. will go without a Defense Secretary.

The trumped up Republican hair-on-fire lunacy surrounding the Benghazi conspiracy has taken an even more bizarre turn. Republicans would rather go without a Defense Secretary, believe it or not, than lose their imaginary battle with Obama.

Will the 2014 elections take these guys out once and for all, or do we need to bring out those "Second Amendment remedies" before it too late?
Fox News: Republicans have told Democrats they intend to block his confirmation until more information is provided about the Benghazi terror attack. 
Wouldn't it be refreshing to see John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who are outraged over the deaths of four Americans, fight this hard over trying to prevent another 20 children from getting massacred? 

I wonder which issue advances their political career among conservative voters? I'm thinking....? 
Sen. Harry Reid blasted Republicans for the standoff. "Chuck Hagel had nothing to do with the attack on Bengahzi," he said Thursday on the floor. "There are serious consequences to this delay." 
Blustery Benghazi madness extends to holding off the nomination of the CIA director too, another incredibly important job that could prevent the next Benghazi. Oh I forgot, that's not the point.

What happened to the Republican insistence that a President gets to put in place who they want?

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