Sunday, February 24, 2013

Walker's War on Smokers? Here comes the Big Government Nanny State Republicans.

Remember when Republicans and conservative radio talk hosts blasted Democrats for "nanny state" public smoking bans that would wipe out local bar owners in the state?

Shouts of big government and the loss of personal freedom rang out over the land.

What will they say now, after the Walker Authority made the following proposal?
How the times have changed...
Wisconsin Reporter: The governor recommends assessing state employees who smoke, $50 per month, hoping  they will be “encouraged to avail themselves of smoking cessation and other services designed to help them kick the habit.” The idea is clear: Smokers have more health-related problems, costing taxpayers more money.
And what of our freedom and liberty? Are nanny state Republicans suddenly admitting that smoking is a health risk, and another reason health care costs are skyrocketing? Big switch.

“(B)ecause health care costs of smokers and other people who use tobacco are estimated to be 30 to 35 percent higher than nonsmokers, the Governor recommends that a tobacco user charge be included for state employee health plans beginning in calendar year 2014,” Walker’s budget states.
But I thought Republicans were against “sin taxes.” And would “the state of Wisconsin have to administer screenings to determine whether employees would have to fork over the $50 a month smoker’s fee. Would such testing offset revenue from the fee? “

Republicans have never been about small government, they've been about small liberal Democratic government. Republicans like their authoritarian big government model, where our leaders call all the shots, and why they never see the hypocrisy in their actions. 

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