Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gay Republican Campaign Activist Lied about Liberal Attack.

Poor Republicans, they’re always getting beat up during the heated elections by roving gangs of gay bashing latte drinking Prius drivers.

But wait, that doesn't sound right. Follow your gut:
Channel3000: A former volunteer for a Republican congressional campaign who had claimed to be the victim of a politically motivated assault has been charged with obstruction. In late October, Kyle Wood, 29, reported to Madison police that he was attacked in his home. Wood claimed the attack was politically motivated. He told police his face was smashed into a mirror and he was choked during the attack.
It was all a lie. But it was motivation enough to anger conservative voters. What a get-out-the-vote effort:

According to court documents obtained by WISC-TV, five days after the alleged attack while police were questioning inconsistencies in his story, Wood told police, "You're right -- I did it to myself."

The complaint said Wood told police he hit his own head against a mirror, causing injuries to his forehead and eye. The complaint also said Wood used a guitar string to create marks around his neck.
Oddly, why did it take so long to find out this Republican martyr was lying. It would have been nice to know this before the election.

I wonder what the screaming conservative radio banshee said about this outrage at the time, and what she might be saying now. Vicki McKenna has moved on suppose. 

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