Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Rubio inoculates business from any blame. Poor Employers, they're being forced to cut wages, benefits and fire people.

I started to tune into how Republicans automatically treat business like they can do no wrong. And when business treats employees badly, it's the governments fault, because regulation forced them to do it.

In Wisconsin, business is figuring out ways to deny unemployment benefits on the front end, and on the back end requiring job training for food stamps. Nothing is too humiliating.

Businesses are victims; forced to give benefits, a decent wage and provide a safety net in case they have to fire someone. Obamacare for instance, forced some employers to turn full timers into part timer poor people.

Marco Rubio is blissfully clueless, that business is the bad actor here. To him, ruthless job tactics and mistreating employees is just the way things are done now:

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