Monday, February 25, 2013

The Walker Authority's Nursing Home Protection Law, Recipe for Death and Abuse.

Big government Republicans, headed up by the Walker Authority, continue to wipe out local control and pick winners or losers in the private sector. So far, Walker has limited local taxes, wants to wipe out residency rules, did away with local sick leave laws and is now going to tell private sector unions what they can or cannot do when negotiating with employers. I know, I'm only scratching the surface. You're welcome to add your own list in the comments section.

You can't make this kind of hypocrisy up, it's just the media never tries to connect the dots.

On WPT's Here and Now, we were reminded of the following anti-free market law passed by our supposed free market Republican majority.

The point is, exempting business from almost all liability concerns, like limiting lawsuits and what evidence can used in our courts, is the opposite of the free market ideal. In that dog-eat-dog world of business, I can sue a company into oblivion, with no limits on their monetary payout. But the government protection racket, bought and paid for by campaign contributions, prevents us all from living out a Rand/Friedman Utopian dream.

Take the obscene nursing home law signed into law by Walker. My hope is that soon, these same Republicans will find themselves in same unregulated and unaccountable senior hell-hole of abuse and neglect they left for everyone else. Personally, they couldn't suffer enough.

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