Monday, February 4, 2013

149,000 Trigger Happy Paranoids are now in control of Public Safety. Feel Safer?

The NRA (No Responsible Adults), has apparently convinced our ultra-conservative, ultra-American citizens that nothing can be done about the carnage resulting from firearms. Nothing!!! Now that's good old American know-how. Have we slipped so far past the point of no return that absolutely nothing can be done? Yes they say.

Conservatives, the ones who call themselves "real Americans," have given up. That's the stuff.

They're in control now! Feel safer?
And that mental illness talking point gun-sluts often bring up, well, what good is a medical data base if we don't expand or even use background checks? Ha, didn't think of that?

Anyone notice that we only have 149,000 concealed carry licenses in Wisconsin? This small group of frightened cry babies are controlling just how safe we are in our state, which by the way, is no longer a safe place to live. Don't come to Wisconsin if you value your life. The armed inmates are in charge.

Remember when Scott Walker dismissed the one million recall signatures as a vocal minority who didn't reflect the interests of Wisconsinites? Or how he ignored the 100,000 protesters, calling them disgruntled 60's hippies and union thugs? But 149,000 gun toting juvenile adults, drooling to get a concealed carry licence, now that's more like it.

That's 149,000 trigger happy paranoids forcing me as a father to worry 24/7 about my 11 and 14 year boys at school. That pisses me off.

We should be treating this small group of losers accordingly, knowing full well they're stone cold ignorant about the real meaning of the Second Amendment. These are extremist absolutists, the kind of person Wayne LaPierre admirers.

I found the following senseless gun deaths in the news below, where two young people who were shot because of utter carelessness and disregard for life; a car load of kids at the wrong house, and a simple request for help due to car trouble. WSB-TV Atlanta:

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