Friday, February 22, 2013

Teacher Vilification trashes profession, job satisfaction from 62% to 39%!!! Republican Wrecking Ball to Education Keeps Swinging.

Thanks to Bluecheddar1 for noticing this recent and devastatingly depressing poll about teacher satisfaction.

Education can’t take this kind of hit, and teachers vilification can’t continue unabated like this without completely demoralizing and delegitimizing the profession itself.

This morning I heard a radio caller blame opposition to mining in Ashland on retired teachers who have relocated there. Teachers wreak havoc wherever they go?

There’s no way to soft pedal this poll, it’s really bad and only the beginning:
Teacher job satisfaction has plummeted to its lowest level in 25 years, from 62 percent in 2008 to 39 percent in 2012 – a total of 23 points, according to the annual Metlife Survey of the American Teacher, released this week.

Teachers reporting low levels of job satisfaction were more likely to be working in schools with shrinking budgets, few professional development opportunities, and little time allotted for teacher collaboration.
What used to be the teaching “profession” has been turned into an salaried “job.” For private sector workers who are powerless to change their own horrible job conditions, wages and benefits, this just levels the playing field and they couldn't be happier. And although this is national survey, statewide cuts like the ones put in place by Gov. Scott Walker must be considered as well:
According to results of the annual survey, teacher stress levels have sharply increased, with half of teachers reporting that they feel like they are under great stress several days per week, as opposed to a third in 1985. Van Roekel said "Classrooms are already crammed with students, programs and services are being cut, and teachers are entering pink slip season — all while further budget cuts loom as a result of fiscal cliff inaction."

The survey results come as the nation prepares for draconian cuts set to kick in on March 1.

"Lawmakers must ask themselves, 'how much longer can our schools continue to be drastically underfunded and understaffed without significant damage to the quality of the education our students are receiving?”
Check out the MetLife survey here:

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