Thursday, February 7, 2013

Guess who’s a Conservative Activist Justice…Roggensack.

It's one of those eye opening "oh my god" moments.

If attorney Vince Megna and Marquette University law professor Ed Fallone don’t run with this revealing payoff to Roggensack for her vote, then they would be crazy.
jsonline: The conservative Wisconsin Club for Growth has purchased at least $111,000 in television ads in support of incumbent state Supreme Court Justice Pat Roggensack. The ads are scheduled to start Thursday and run at least until Feb. 18 -- the day before the primary election.
Of course it could be just a coincidence. What could the Club for Growth think they're getting for $111,000? Here's a few things on their wish list:

Club for Growth Policy Goals:
·         Reduce income tax rates
·         Death tax repeal
·         Limited government through limited spending and budget reform, including a Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution
·         Social Security reform with personal retirement accounts for younger workers
·         Expanding trade freedom (free trade)
·         End abusive lawsuits through medical malpractice and tort reform
·         Replacing the current tax code (flat tax, fair tax)
·         School choice
·         Regulatory reform and deregulation

Here's a screenshot of their partner in crime, Karl Rove's American Crossroads:

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