Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rep. Robin Vos out to keep low wage and unemployed freeloaders off their own government safety nets. Like Walker, he "cares too much."

Republicans love to blame the victims of their own bad policies as a way to distract us from demanding a solution to an ideology that doesn't work.

Add to the victims list those who lost their jobs during the Great Recession. Just like putting monetary limits on those who fell victim to medical malpractice, it's those poor schmucks fired and tossed away like human trash who shouldn't be dependent on government. It's all ass-backwards, and it's being rammed down our throats by Gov. Scott Walker and Assembly Majority Leader Robin Vos.

Check out this amazing admission that profit, not access to health care, is the driving force of the Walker Authority and all Republicans everywhere. You'd almost swear we didn't have more Democrats in the state the Republicans. It's short:
Vos: "They're trying to kill the private sector insurance market and have single payer health insurance. I will never support that." 
He really is trying to look stupid, right? We love paying twice as much as other industrialized countries in the world. That's the price of freedom? From WKOW's Greg Neumann:

Vos is lying when he claims 225,000 more people will get health insurance based on Walker's plan. There's no actuarial proof that would happen. In fact the Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimates 9,000 fewer people will receive Badgercare, dumping them off into the Marketplaces where they couldn't afford even the smaller premiums required. It's counter intuitive to says the least.

But who am I to argue against Vos' logic, "Done, facts are facts."

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