Thursday, February 14, 2013

Voucher Study: Schools offer little Achievement data, a third don't have specialty art, music or physical ed. teachers.

The numbers of kids in voucher schools is crazy when you consider voucher schools aren't even held to the same strict standards and score never quite match up. But advertising and Republican persistence in pushing privatization, that appeals to empowering parents, has made its mark.
jsonline: Milwaukee's private-school voucher program has swelled to nearly 25,000 students in 113.
The news is never good and we’re always finding out something that should piss taxpayers off:
Schools Results from an annual survey of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program released Wednesday underscore what's already well-known about the voucher program: Participating private schools spend less to educate each pupil than Milwaukee Public Schools but offer little achievement data about how those pupils are doing.

The survey also offers a new reason that the voucher schools' per-pupil costs may be lower: About a third of the private schools report they do not have specialty teachers for subjects such as art, music and physical education.

The Public Policy Forum conducted its 15th annual census of the voucher program in Milwaukee: Out of 110 responding Milwaukee voucher schools, 39 reported having no art, music, physical education, library or technology specialist teachers. Five voucher schools refused to participate in the forum's census. In Milwaukee: Immanuel Lutheran School, Travis Technology High School and Wisconsin Career Academy. In Racine: Mount Pleasant Renaissance School and John Paul II Academy. 

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