Monday, February 25, 2013

Walker's Medicaid Con Flops on Fox News.

Scott Walker looked just like the conniving dropout were all so familiar with here in Wisconsin.

Walker looked the fool, especially when he appeared next to Delaware Gov. Jack Markell. Listed under Markell's name on screen was the following; Brown University BA, University of Chicago BA, senior VP of corporate development at Nextel, and the founder of the Delaware Money School. Real business creds.

But under Walker's name...well, Fox News had nothing. Blank. Not even Eagle Scout.

During Gov. Markell reasoned explanation as to why he chose to expand Medicaid, you could detect a level of competence and depth that is noticeably missing with Walker.

Chris Wallace even interrupted Walker for getting too deep in the weeds when explaining his convoluted, ideologically limiting solution to Medicaid. Watch Walker struggle to be relevant, bobbing his head as if to appear interested. It was another embarrassing Wisconsin moment, that again, made us look like the Florida of the North. Imagine if this were a presidential debate:

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