Saturday, February 23, 2013

Walker proposes deficit reduction by cutting Social Security and Medicare. No Tax Increases. Startling!

If the countries deficit is is our biggest problem, $16 trillion worth, imagine what would have to be done to reduce that amount with mostly entitlement reform.

That's what Scott Walker is talking about in the video below with Bloomberg News.

Cutting Social Security and Medicare in the future, shifts the burden onto our kids in their senior years. You know, the same kids we don't want to leave with higher taxes. So leaving them with huge out-of-pocket costs when they're too old work, is better than higher taxes on the top 1 percent?

Walker's strong focus on "entitlements" below, to reduce the trillions of dollars if deficits with "entitlement reductions," is almost mind boggling. Walker is planning to do to the U.S., what he did in Wisconsin; take a chainsaw to education, labor and unemployment. And because Walker is putting Medicare and Social Security in the same category as Medicaid; he's trying to break the cycle of government dependence for our retirees.

Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital With Al Hunt, featured this eye opening Walker interview.

jsonline: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker tells Bloomberg TV that he'd rather the federal government reduce its deficit by adjusting entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare than through across-the-board cuts that are scheduled to take effect March 1. 

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