Thursday, February 14, 2013

Distraction Alert: Scott Walker needs conservative activist Supreme Court, denies providing Security for Justice Bradley!!

This is meant to take everyone’s eye off Justice Roggensack’s lie about how nice things are on the court.

You know the Walker Authority’s political grip is slipping when the administration steps neck deep into a non-partisan Supreme Court election. This is the big one and they know it.

Their mission; cast doubt and muddy the waters, just like they do with every fact they disagree with in the reality based world.
Channel3000: Officials with Gov. Scott Walker's administration say they can't find any evidence corroborating state Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley's claims state Capitol Police set up extra security to protect her from a fellow justice. Bradley wrote in a memo released Wednesday that Capitol Police devised a special security plan to help protect her and Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson from Justice David Prosser in March 2011. 
Maybe it was a handshake agreement? Or maybe as Walker would have you believe, liberals fabricated the whole story, because they would do anything to win power. Ooops, that would be projection.

jsonline: A Capitol Police captain said he did not know anything about the increased security, but the Supreme Court's marshal said she consulted directly with the chief of police at the time. Bradley's Wednesday opinion came out less than a week before Justice Patience Roggensack's primary election, and Bradley was particularly critical of Roggensack, saying she minimized the incident with Prosser.

Tina Nodolf, the Supreme Court marshal, issued a statement Thursday that said "several" justices raised security concerns before the Bradley-Prosser incident. She said she discussed ways to improve court security with Tubbs.

"I understood Chief Tubbs would increase patrol around the Supreme Court chambers after hours," the statement said. "I also advised the concerned justices to lock their office doors while working alone after hours, as discussed with Chief Tubbs."


  1. Hard to find when you threw it away once Prosser got investigated for choking his colleague. Classic right-wing misdirection play that makes them look even more guilty and pathetic, if possoble

  2. Not being able to find any evidence of a security plan request does not surprise me in the least, when Walker and his WEDC can't even keep track of their one most cherished, political motivator, money, to the tune of what, $56M?