Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wisconsin-Bad for Employees!!! Stay away if you value your home, kids and the ability to eat.

I’ll be honest, if any of the following attacks on the jobless become policy, you can be damn sure I’ll be setting my kids up out of state so they can start their school and careers somewhere else.

Wisconsin sucks.

Just by coincidence, Wisconsin was just rated one of the top ten states to leave.  

After the Walker Authority replaced public employees with hand-picked business ideologues to wall off unemployment benefits so the victims of a bad economy or lousy bosses can’t collect, there’s another frontal assault that will force the jobless to start a new career whether they like it or not.  While stripping unemployment benefits from those with families to feed and house, Walker is now targeting adults without kids for job training, or they don’t eat.

According to conservative talker Jerry Bader:
Walker would require worker training for Food Share: Able-bodied adults without dependent children will be required to enroll in employment and worker training programs offered by the Department of Health Services, Department of Children and Families or Department of Workforce Development.  If able-bodied adults without dependent children choose not to enroll in these employment programs, they will be subject to federal time limits on nutrition assistance benefits.
Forget about finding work in your field of expertise, you’re about to learn a new skill whether you like it or not. 
According to data from the Governor’s office, as of March 2012 Wisconsin provided 131,000 able-bodied adults without dependent children with food stamps. And if the Governor’s proposed reforms are adopted, approximately 76,000 (58%) of those able-bodied adults without dependent children would be required to enroll in job training programs to acquire new skills in order to find employment.

Governor Scott Walker’s spokeswoman Jocelyn Webster told RightWisconsin, "We need to encourage a culture of responsibility and dignity through work." 
Ah, the tough disciplinary government father figure. If this isn't big government I don't know what is. Funny thing too, none of these "solutions" hold businesses accountable. It's almost like businesses can't do any wrong. It's the guy crushed by the pink slip that gets penalized. And without unemployment or food stamps, what choice do they have? 


  1. employement will SURGE when scotty walker's economic terrorism and austerity finally destroy the last bastion of jobs that have benefits, retirement, and family-supporting jobs.

    It will have too -- we will all need several jobs to keep our children from starving!

  2. the republican "open for business" mantra really just refers to the massive donations walker's criminal defense fund needs to fight the John Doe and federal investigations into the criminality behind his ascent to power.

    In the end, nothing will come of these probes because:

    1. the media is complicit with the cover-up and will undermine any attempt to hold the sole beneficiary of the crimes accountable.

    2. folks with powerful monied interests behind them are never held accountable for the criminality they commit on behalf of their masters.