Monday, February 25, 2013

We can pollute too!! Say’s conservative radio-witch Vicki McKenna.

Who thinks like this? This is a tweet by Vicki McKenna:

Conservative hit squad Media Trackers rightly reported the Bad River Tribe has had problems with a wastewater treatment plant. But the reason for the report had more to do with arming conservatives with more lame reasons why pollution for jobs is better than exceeding EPA limits.
Information from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency suggests that a wastewater treatment facility owned by the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa has a history of violating the Clean Water Act. A 2009 investigative report by the New York Times found hundreds of facilities around the country that were in violation of Clean Water Act standards. The responsibility for holding the facility accountable rests with the EPA.
The fact that McKenna is part of the “pollute for jobs” drive to do away with the EPA, it’s just as hypocritical to point a finger at the unfair and costly EPA.

But this sudden concern over the Bad River EPA violations? She thinks a simple case of hypocrisy justifies more pollution through mining.

Again, who thinks like this? At least things will be improving and not getting worse.
When asked about the ongoing violations, Pat Hunt, the manager of the facility, said he “inherited a treatment facility and water and sewer system that had been for the most part ignored for many years.” 
If McKenna and her teabilly band of lunkheads had their way, the Bad River facility would never be out of compliance.

Because McKenna never had an original thought in life, she's marching to her fearless leaders own pollute-for-jobs agenda, anti-EPA Gov. Scott Walker:


  1. "No other facility in Wisconsin, according to that report, had more violations of the Clean Water Act than the Bad River Band’s wastewater treatment facility. The report called the facility a polluter and implied that it was contributing to lower water quality.”

    Why didn't you include this part of the NYT report?

  2. Again, as I explained in the post, pollution is bad, no matter who does it. Did you read the piece or skip to your favorite parts?

    Like most stories, reports, and blog posts, not everything has to be cut and pasted to make polluters like yourself justify trashing the state. It doesn't hurt to start acting like an adult and not a right wing drone.