Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Reelection Slipping Away, Justice Roggensack promises to Discipline Justice Prosser.

Conservatism is an embarrassing and burdensome condition that sweats desperation. 

Take Justice Roggensack, who's up for reelection, and is struggling to get past her nastiness.

How desperate? She's now knows her lies about harmony on the court fell flat, and painted her out-of-touch with reality. 
jsonline: State Supreme Court Justice Ann Walsh Bradley received stepped-up security from law enforcement more than two months before Justice David Prosser put his hands around her neck she and Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson to this day lock themselves in their offices when working after hours because of concerns about Prosser's behavior.

Bradley's disclosures also could cause ripples in the re-election campaign of Justice Patience Roggensack, who has contended the Bradley-Prosser altercation was an aberration and that everyone on the court is now getting along. Roggensack's three-way primary is Tuesday, and Bradley noted that throughout the campaign Roggensack has said the justices are "doing just fine" and that claims of dysfunction on the court are "just a bunch of gossip at its worst."
So now it's time to discipline Justice David Prosser. This is too good:

WPT: But the most specific promise Justice Patience Roggensack is making to voters is that she will once and for all resolve the outstanding ethics charge against fellow Justice David Prosser. Roggensack says despite the fact that all but one of the justices witnessed the incident, the court can agree to officially resolve the case one way or another and show the public the court can discipline its own members. “And I am hopeful we will do something from the bench in a very public way.”


  1. And judging from the trolls that "spontaneously" decided to try to fill up Fallone's Facebook page yesterday, they know Roggie is in big trouble.

    We have to hang her lying about Prosser around her neck, and show that enablers like her are the real problem on this court. Fallone it is

  2. How can she discipline Prosser when she was the very first to accede to Prosser's request for recusals from his ethics case?