Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rep. Jim Ott hates the Constitution, Repulsed by "Political chaos in Madison that threatened to shut down Wisconsin's government."

Want a good example of what an authoritarian government looks like? Besides a recall list being used as a "blacklist," the peoples constitutional right to protest is also an action that won't be tolerated:
jsonline: Ozaukee County Circuit Judge Tom Wolfgram's bid for re-election in the April 2 spring election will rise or fall on the judgment of voters weighing the significance of his signature on a 2011 petition to recall Gov. Scott Walker.
Here’s the statement that is most troubling when you consider the rights afforded us in the constitution, and how quickly Scott Walker and the Republicans are revising its meaning into something dictatorial.
What a worm.
"A judge who signed the recall supported the political chaos in Madison that threatened to shut down Wisconsin's government," Rep. Jim Ott says in the news release.
Ott is troubled by the actions of citizens to "peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." 

He’s troubled by democracy and our representative form of government. It's payback time for the 60's protests. Ott thinks he's no longer accountable to the voters, and apparently can’t be bothered. 

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  1. Jim Ott is a tool. He could never predict the weather correctly. And his voice on the TV was annoying to the 10th degree. But, my point is this: Ever notice how these authoritarian legislators play on "fear" and how their authoritarian followers are motivated by "fear"? Peaceful protests to them would be a person sleeping, dreaming a dream of writing a nice letter of protest and then not mailing the letter. Stupid people, they are. More people ought to say "BOO" to them, if only for fun.