Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NRA see's a dystopian American future without High Capacity Magazines.

This crazy comparison between providing security to elected officials/paranoid celebrities and the average citizen is an angle I honestly didn't see coming.

Common sense would tell you there's no way the public would ever expect to see body guards following them they do around the likes of "Mayor Bloomberg, rock stars, CEO's...!"

Well, here comes the NRA to "Hulk smash" that little piece of sanity with over the top fear mongering. This jaw dropping ad appears to be readying us for the Republicans austere dystopian future...

Transcript: "So, they want to ban high capacity magazines. Not for the security that surrounds the President, Congress, Mayor Bloomberg, rock stars, CEOs and wealthy bigshots. And the madmen, drug cartels and home-invading killers will still get them from the same black market that sells drugs, stolen cars, and everything else that criminals buy. It’s just the rest of us, the law-abiding average people who will have to defend our families with limited capacity magazines. Welcome to Barack Obama’s middle class."
There was a time in the 90's when the NRA and gun manufacturers were on the brink of bankruptcy. Here's Chris Hayes with Rachel  Maddow to remind us:

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