Saturday, February 9, 2013

Have Republicans no Shame? State Rep. Jacque piggy backs Nuke Power onto Hated Renewable Energy bandwagon. Ends justify Means?

Rep. Andre Jacque is not kidding in his clueless push to bring us expensive nuclear power. He’s no fiscal Brainiac either. Has he read a newspaper in the last year, or connected the boon in Wisconsin sand mining to hydrofracking and cheap natural gas?
What were voters thinking?
jsonline: Natural gas prices are so low that Wisconsin's nuclear reactors need the same kind of policy push from the state that renewable energy sources have received in recent years, a state lawmaker says.

Rep. Andre Jacque (R-De Pere) is proposing a bill to change the state's renewable energy mandate. His proposal calls for the mandate to be broadened to include both renewable energy and "advanced energy," a change that would allow nuclear power to qualify.
 But Republicans hate investing in renewable energy. Still, it's a fool errand:
Legislation isn't what Kewaunee needed to continue operating, Dominion spokesman Mark Kanz said … about half of the plant's 650 employees will be laid off.
Jacque is so bad at his job, he can’t even write a bill that helps his ridiculous cause:
Jacque's proposal doesn't make any change to the standard that's in place for 2015 and years beyond - requiring that 10% of electricity sales come from renewable sources. Because the bill does not include that change, it doesn't help the nuclear power industry, said Michael Vickerman, program and policy director at the advocacy group Renew Wisconsin. With the utilities in Wisconsin already in compliance with the 2015 target, Vickerman said, "There's no room at the renewable inn for nuclear."
Jacque apparently also doesn't know how utility customers’ bills would sky rocket just to pay for a new plant:
Meanwhile, the cost of building new reactors - still banned under Wisconsin's nuclear moratorium - is so prohibitive that few utilities are undertaking the projects.
My guess is Jacque won’t stop looking the fool. 

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