Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Politically Correct Conservative Speech taking over…

David Horowitz has pushed a conservative version of politically correct speech for years. But for Horowitz, saying failed conservative voodoo mumbo jumbo in a dislocated scattershot way never caught on. This gibberish was pushed as the more politically correct way to educate in our colleges.

No one bought the idea. But there's hope:  
jsonline: The issue is a student-led, 12-week workshop called FemSex, modeled after long-standing courses at the University of California-Berkely and Brown University to engage students in the exploration of social forces through the lens of female sexuality. The workshop publicly came under fire when a Marquette political science professor John McAdams earlier this month published an article on his personal blog, "Marquette Warrior," denouncing FemSex as anti-Catholic and criticizing the university for sponsoring it.

McAdams alleged in his blog that FemSex workshops at other universities tell women "that men are evil exploiters."

Marquette student Claire Van Fossen, a Trinity Fellow working on her masters degree in nonprofit management, said McAdams suggested the workshop would be a "bawdy hen party" to "obsess on sex," comprised only of women spewing hateful, sexist rhetoric, and painting an image of college women as "whining neurotics." The blog, she alleges, is homophobic.

Van Fossen blamed a former Marquette College Republicans president for turning … Marquette administrators against the workshop.
“Spewing hateful, sexist rhetoric” sure doesn't sound conservatively correct, does it?

This politically motivated correctness even went further:
Among the activities workshop critics found objectionable: coloring anatomical images of vaginas, referred to by a reappropriated feminist term that many consider offensive. After learning about the content of the workshop from a student, university leaders reviewed the workshop outline and found that aspects fell outside the center’s stated purpose … Marquette University President Father Scott Pilarz and Provost John Pauly pulled the university's sponsorship about a week ago. Van Fossen said FemSex "does not teach any curriculum, push any agenda, condone any behavior, or act as therapy. Thus, at its core, FemSex is about introspection, discussion, exploration, and self-empowerment. Or are those anti-Catholic now, too?" 

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