Friday, April 4, 2014

WISGOP's Joe Fadness stands by outright lies about Mary Burke.

The bumbling thugs at WISGOP have become more of a laughing stock than an actual party campaigning for Scott Walker. In true party form, RPW will not correct their mistakes and campaign errors to make the race for governor and honest one:
WISGOP bungler, Joe Fadness
WSJ: The Republican Party of Wisconsin isn't backing away from a statement about Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke's plans to self-finance her campaign, even though it was based on an erroneous report … "It was widely reported that Burke planned to spend $8-10 million in the race, yet she is now hedging her bets amidst a struggling campaign and her inability to create traction with voters."
Here’s the funny part; as proof, party leaders pointed to another fringe right wing source appropriately named, “Right Wisconsin.” Even worse, Right Wisconsin is part of the Journal Sentinel, hosted by conservative radio wacko Charlie Sykes. Gee, I wonder what could go wrong?
The State Journal asked for the party's source of the "widely reported" figure. State GOP spokesman Jesse Dougherty cited a Jan. 15 report by conservative web site Right Wisconsin … (the) article stated: "Does Democratic candidate for Governor Mary Burke really intend to spend $8 million of her own money this year? According to a public policy report from Foley and Lardner, the answer is yes."

A spokesman for the law firm said the report was retracted.
End of story? Not quite. The WISGOP goons, under the guidance of executive director Joe Fadness, had this Onionesque answer:
After being informed about the retraction, Fadness issued a modified statement to the State Journal saying "self-financing numbers as high as $10 million have circulated for months." He did not disclose a source for the $10 million figure and the March 27 press release on the party's website remains the same.
Hey, if a few people are still mislead...and it’s true, that $10 million number has been circulating, thanks to WISGOP’s daffy Joe Fadness. Holy cow.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

But the lie got out there, and so to WisGOPs , that's a win. The average dope already had their impression made, even though we now know it's BS.

This is why you have to forcefully respond to these things immediately if you're a Dem, because the media will not call BS on this until they absolutely have to.

It also shows what a complete lowlife you have to be in order to be a GOP operative. I wonder if these guys have mirrors in their houses