Friday, April 4, 2014

Wisconsin embarrassed again by new voter intimidation, "election observer" law signed by Scott Walker.

Should we really let Republican legislators think we’re that dumb?

Has anyone else noticed that every restriction and attempt to suppress voting is meant to “safeguard fairness and the integrity of the vote?” When does this start to sound suspicious to those defending our right to vote. Yes, it should straddles party lines.

What used to be called a “poll watcher,” is now a much softer sounding “election observer.” You have to be comatose to ignore the possible and inevitable voter intimidation tactics that will result soon and years out.

Rachel Maddow noticed, and featured Wisconsin’s new Scott Walker voter intimidation tactic. Pretty soon, voting will become more and more inconvenient and almost inconsequential.

jsonline: Gov. Scott Walker has signed a bill that would allow observers to stand 3 to 8 feet from the table where voters announce their names and addresses and are issued voter numbers, or from the table where people register to vote … changes current law, which lets the chief inspector or municipal clerk designate areas for election observers to stand … the law will safeguard the fairness of elections by ensuring observers can see how they are being conducted.

In recent debate in the Senate, Democrats argued the bill could lead to longer lines at polling places and voter harassment.

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