Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's nice to have Americans for Prosperity involved in our local races, isn't it? But is it still local, or national?

After the conservative activist Supreme Court opened the billionaire money spigot, essentially tearing down our democratic republic, Racine's Journal Times had the bad timing to editorialize how wonderful it was to have the out-of-state billionaire Koch brothers Americans for Prosperity involved in out local elections:
In December every year, residents open their mail and shake their heads when they look at their tax bill. Yet for some reason, when local municipal and school board elections come around in the spring, people seem to forget … to vote, meaning they don’t care enough to even bother.
Here’s the fun part. The editorial complained about how low the turnout was this time around, which went against the point they’re making about how great it was for Americans for Prosperity to help turn out voters:
For instance, in Racine County in Tuesday’s election, only 13,193 people cast ballots out of 111,593 registered voters … That is just under 12 percent and pretty pathetic.

Because of that selective memory we all have, it’s not a bad thing when you hear about groups like Americans for Prosperity coming into the area and reminding people to vote in local elections, specifically the school board election in Kenosha.
"12 percent and pretty pathetic." Still, you gotta love out-of-state groups telling people how to vote:
If groups like Americans for Prosperity can help create more awareness for the issues and turn out more voters, then more power to them or any other group trying, as long as they are willing to disclose who they are.
Within the body of the editorial, they also compared the Koch’s involvement in Kenosha to how the unions came into Wisconsin after Act 10 was passed. Hmm, but that wasn't an election was it. And if they want to point to the union involvement in the recall election, that was just to keep up with outside money pouring into Walker’s campaign coffers prior to even selecting Tom Barrett.

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