Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dumb Ron Johnson on Fixing Obamacare: Replace it with the Old System...but worse!!

In describing the Affordable Care Acts supposed problems, Dumb Ron Johnson actually used the same list of horrors we saw under the old system. He really didn't know?

Where was Johnson when Americans were dropped from their plans, insurance rated went through the roof, others subsidized the under/uninsured, some groups rates were higher to cover others, and oh yea, the high risk pools supported by taxpayers paid for preexisting conditions so insurers could make a profit. Where was the concern back then Dumb Ron Johnson?

Even worse is Johnson's new bill, "Preserving Freedom and Choice in Health Care," that takes away all mandated coverage. You get to choose as few or as many illnesses as you can afford to cover, with small print legalese that essentially turns everyone's coverage into worthless junk policies. That means you'll still have to pay a monthly premium whether you get coverage or not. We should sleep easier under Johnson's plan?

This guy is a panicky train wreck that never stops embarrassing Wisconsin voters. What in gods name were they thinking?  From Capitol City Sunday:

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