Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Poll Shows support for ObamaCare, really support a Public Option, dislike for Shutdown and a Teflon Scott Walker.

At 50%, Scott Walker has somehow gotten away with one of the most partisan and irresponsible governorship's in state history. With his soft sell and droopy eye'd empty stare, Wisconsinites are being lulled into a coma apparently. Still, there's some good news:
PostCrescent: The Wisconsin Public Radio/St. Norbert Survey was released Wednesday. It says 48 percent of voters approve of Obama while 50 percent approve of Walker. The numbers represent slight declines for each. Wisconsin poll: 54 percent favor health care reform law

A new poll says more than half of Wisconsinites support the new health care reform law, and two in three uninsured respondents said they planned to buy individual insurance through the government’s online health exchange. That’s up from 46 percent last year and 41 percent in 2010. 
The big news in this poll show immense support for a public option, Medicare for all. Here's more:

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  1. St Norbert poll link.

    I thought the net Walker-deserve-re-election number of -3 was notable too. That's not great for him considering the sample was just D+1, which the 2010 electorate was.