Friday, October 25, 2013

Backward Wisconsin debating Domestic Partnership Benefits. Religious Zealot Juliane Appling admits she's seeking conservative activist state Supreme Court

Julaine Appling, of the right wing fringe group Wisconsin Family Action, continues her homophobic agenda in the name of protecting marriage, even though she promised the constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage would not effect domestic partnerships.

I have to remind readers that Republicans are on the verge of approving a "choose life" license plate, where the funding would go to Appling and a fellow nutjob to promote their extremist agenda. You have to keep reminding yourself we're still in Wisconsin.

Appling admits she's taking her domestic partnership reversal to the state supreme court because it's dominated by conservative activist justices, not like those socialist liberal Dane County judges who just don't see it her way.
Appling: "Quite honestly, Branch 4 of the Court of Appeals, and the Dane County Circuit Court are of our judiciary that would be in sympathy with us."  
It funny how conservatives can get away with such outward support of conservative judicial activism when they're the biggest whiners about liberal activism. Doesn't anyone care to ask them why? From WISC News:

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