Thursday, October 31, 2013

Republicans see nothing wrong with asking the John Birch Society their opinion of Common Core. Fred Koch and sons are big Birch'ers.

State Sen. Paul Farrow also dumped on Rep. Christine Sinicki after she realized the Common Core Select Committee hearings were simply designed to be sideshows, used to justify the inevitable delay of the Common Core roll out. Tea Party Republicans don't realize the rest of us aren't teabilly dumb.

Rep. Sinicki got the message loud and clear after Republicans had the balls to invited the John Birch Society in to get their opinion on Common Core.
How is it possible to compare the John Birch Society to union representation? Playing dumb may really anger Wisconsin voters.

But Rep. Sinicki also left the committee because the states largest district, Milwaukee, was not picked as a host city. Why? Revenge. You don't piss off the ruling authority. This response is dripping with savage payback:
That makes perfect sense, if you're a complete asshole. Classy stuff Sen. Farrow.

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  1. Dude! Fred has been dead for 36 years! You really should be more careful and check reality before you crib this crap from other bloggers.

    birch may be bad, but compared to today's koch bro circle jerk, they look like blue-dog dems.

    shouldn't surprise anyone -- the koch family fortune comes from JOSEPH STALIN!