Friday, October 25, 2013

Republicans going through the motions on what will be new Sand Mining Regulations. See, they had debates and hearings.

The new Republican sand mining regulations are about to become "one-size-fits-all," which is something Republicans say they don't like...except when they decide they do like it, thanks to corporate whining.

The most egregious example to date, and there so many examples that come close, Sen. Tom Tiffany colluded with the mining industry to propose new regulations devoid of constituent concerns and local control. Remember when we talked about the quality of life in Wisconsin? Gone.

Democrats did their best to highlight the "lunacy" of Tiffany's environmental and natural resource giveaway to business interests, but in the end, it doesn't matter because this is just another backroom "done deal."
Republican legislators want to stop local governments from imposing environmental regulations and road fees on the state's booming sand mining industry.

They are pushing a bill that would streamline regulations statewide, but Democrats argue it will harm small towns.
Check out the opening disagreement in WKOW's news coverage, and think about all the other verbal battles we're not seeing in the news that show Republicans for what they truly are; pirates.

Rep. Robin Vos said he'll bring this bill up early next year, no hurry, when the anger has died down and the details are just a fading memory. It'll pass easily, well before the midterms.

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