Monday, October 14, 2013

Why not save billions with a single payer system? Pure ideology.

Sure I have very firmly held political beliefs, but fiscally, I’ll do whatever makes the most sense to solve a problem and save cash.

A single payer system would solve the huge health care problem we have now, and lighten the massive costly load on businesses. But just like those who vote against their own best interest, business finds itself doing the same thing.
University of Michigan professor Mark Mizruchi describes in a new book, The Fracturing of the American Corporate Elite, the reason why business is not behind a money saving single payer system.
WaPo: I've interviewed some Fortune 500 CEOs and HR officials. You would think that it would be in the interest of most American companies, both large and small, to support a single-payer system like Canada's. According to my calculations, in 2009, the Fortune 500 alone spent $375 billion on health care for their employees. Now, if we had a Canadian-style system here, that cost would not be zero, because it would be compensated for in higher taxes. But the cost would be spread throughout the entire population. so it would seem to be in the interest of American companies to not have to provide health-care to their employees, and particularly small business.

So the question is why they would be so opposed to it. The only thing I can think of is just ideology. They just don't like the idea of government involvement. 

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  1. And leverage, if you quit, you lose your healthcare, although that is going away.