Tuesday, October 22, 2013

GOP prefers Business Friendly Post-Apocalyptic kind of U.S., like China.

Republicans like Dumb Ron Johnson have lamented playing second fiddle to business friendly countries like China. While we have strict environmental laws, China has been more forgiving and open to relaxed corporate standards that reduce the cost of doing business. 

I'm posting this because just recently the GOP wanted to lift the government shutdown if Democrats agreed to give business more "freedom" when it comes to pollutants, expanded mining, fracking, logging etc...another words, be like China. 

The U.S. could learn a few things? Or not…
Jonathan Turley/Yahoo: We have followed the environmental meltdown in China which only recently moved to deal with a myriad of pollutants that have created cancer spikes and suffocating health conditions. For decades, the authoritarian government posted false readings that became increasing comical … Schools have been closed and people have been told to hunker down in their homes. Citizens are discussing how the elite in government use public money to install expensive air cleaning systems in their offices and homes while the rest of China suck in the hazardous levels of pollutants.

With political power held in the hands of one party and a government that has long placed production ahead of every value, China is now a nightmare of a modern industrial wasteland. It would be interesting to see how the food and pollution scandals are affecting tourism. Cities like Harbin now look like some movie set of a post-apocalyptic industrial wasteland — not exactly an appealing prospect for most families. 
This is how Republicans want to change the U.S., and create jobs. Imagine putting aside our silly arguments about expanding vouchers and dealing with breathable air in our schools instead. Now that's a real problem.

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