Monday, October 21, 2013

Scott Walker administration found in Contempt of Court, defying a judges orders over Act 10.

Republicans are basically lawless, and only follow laws they approve of. Even worse, their supporters (voters) are okay with that. No big picture here, no thought about the chaos brought about by voluntary enforcement, or the repugnant idea that we could be a country ruled under  the thumb of authoritarian control.

So who’s really that surprised the Walker Authority decided to ignore a judges ruling, especially a “Dane County liberal” judges ruling.
jsonline: A Dane County judge found Gov. Scott Walker's employment relations commissioners in contempt of court Monday for repeatedly defying the judge's finding that Walker's signature labor law was unconstitutional. Circuit Judge Juan Colás also issued an injunction against the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission barring it from enforcing the law known as Act 10 against unions representing teachers and local government employees. "I think that is contempt — that's an intentional disregard of the court's order," Colás said of the commission's actions in recent months.

Monday's orders mean unions can immediately begin negotiations with school districts and local governments over new contracts. Whether that will happen remained unclear because the underlying case is already heading to the state Supreme Court, with oral arguments set for Nov. 11.

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