Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rep. Robin Vos: "We all know that our elections system doesn't well as it should."

“We all know…”

Stop it. Stop it now. The truth is “we all know” is BS.

We all know the founding fathers never meant the government to be so big, right?

We all know regulation creates uncertainty for businesses, who want to but can’t hire new employees.
We all know fast tracking iron and mineral mining in Wisconsin will bring thousands of new jobs into the state with no environmental impact.

We all know people on food stamps aren't motivated to get jobs, so it makes sense to take away that benefits for their own good.

We all know Common Core is a European plot to dumb down America and is a federal government takeover of our local schools.

We all know people don’t like ObamaCare and want it repealed.

We all know voter fraud is so rampant and easy to conceal, it’s almost impossible catching anyone doing it.

We all know…does saying “we all know” really make something true? For years the media’s gone along with these ridiculous “we all know” generalities, no matter how dumb they sound.

Ready for the latest “we all know” bullshit from Rep. Robin Vos, that we didn't "all know" was a problem:
We all know that our elections system doesn't work anywhere near as well as it should.  That’s why the Assembly will work on some very important reforms. One idea is to make sure everyone statewide has the same access to early voting opportunities.

We all know what this really means; limited early voting times, statewide, treating high population centers like rural one tavern communities. Where do you think we'll see the long lines?

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  1. We ALL KNOW Robin Vos is the Fascist front-boy for ALEC.

    And, that's a proven fact.