Monday, October 21, 2013

Michelle Malkin leads pack of Tea Party Dimwits over supposed Cancellations due to ObamaCare!

Let's face it, the loony right wing is really that dumb. They've focused like a laser on this: "If you like your plan you CAN'T keep it" talking point. See...

Hey, know what you get to ‘keep’ with Obamacare? Cancellation notices

Michelle Malkin is the leader of "the stupids," printing and reprinting the same "cancellations" of coverage letters sent out by insurers who have moved into the Marketplace. Here's one such notice that LET'S YOU KEEP YOUR PLAN, OR IMPROVE IT, WITH A SUBSIDY:

Ouch? Horror upon horror?

The thing is, people still get to keep their own doctors the Marketplace. In almost all cases their insurer is offering to help them transition. And to boot, they get a major subsidy to bring their costs down. Every letter listed by Malkin says pretty much the same thing. And yet, they're complaining?

It's just more whining without thinking. And some small businesses even get a bigger break, because they not only get to write off their employee coverage as an expense, they get a tax credit under ObamaCare as well.

These people are playing everyone for fools. A frustrating bunch of friggin' lairs basically.

Here's what their meaningless rantings look like...oh, they're so victimized.


  1. Thank you for posting my letter! You call us stupid and dimwitted, yet you're the one who apparently can't read. Where in this letter does it state that we get to keep the coverage we currently have?? If our current health plan will no longer be available, how is that not a cancellation? They are offering us three options...

    Option one (coverage similar to current plan) - our premium will MORE THAN DOUBLE.

    Option two (select another ACA compliant plan) - the cheapest plan available to us is $200/month more than we're paying now.

    Option three (subsidy/tax credit) - we don't qualify.

    As a homemaker with a self-employed general contractor husband and a 9 y.o. son - we're far from wealthy. The coverage we have now is catastrophic coverage only, with a $10k deductible. If we want a similar plan next year, it will cost us $10,000 per yer just for the premium and all health care expenses will be out of pocket until we meet our deductible.

    We had hoped to be able to hire another employee to help grow our business and create another job in our small community. Instead, we'll have to use that money to pay for our health care and insurance premium.

    It's time for Obama and his followers to come clean and admit how much this law will hurt small-businesses and the middle-class. But you and I both know that won't happen.

    "Affordable Care" Act my a**.

  2. The plan you have has a state required floor, which makes it basic and pretty good. The Marketplace expands that a little or a lot, depending on your state.

    What you don't get or don't want to admit, is that you get to stay with your current insurer, who still has all the elements of your current policy, and doctors. If you want to parse words about keeping your "exact" plan, then that's not my problem.

    Again, you keep your insurer, doctors and everything you had and more now that's its part of ObamaCare. Your state no longer has to spend your tax dollars to pay for high risk pools, which had shifted all the liability of sick people to taxpayers, while freeing up insurers to make higher profits.

    I assume you like that model, since the free market rules over common sense and fiscal responsibility. I prefer saving money, having been on the private market individually (family) for 15 years and had Health Savings Accounts that proved to be a rip-off.

    You say your premium will double, so don't buy a non-ObamaCare plan on the open market.
    $200 more a month? But you will pay less due to the subsidy. What is it about that that is so hard to understand or confusing? You won't be paying more unless you're making over $90,000.

    I don't believe you don't qualify. You didn't mention your income. You actually have what I had, an HSA, and deductibles just skyrocketed for me too. Gen. Contractors don't make very much money normally, and since you don't have any employees, you're probably not making a lot of money. Plus, business expenses will probably reduce your gross income anyway.

    What you've told me is almost cliched, leading me to believe you really haven't looked into this at all. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Many don't know what the subsidy is anyway because of the website problems, like me. But the Kaiser Foundation calculator is now even more specific than ever. Check it out.

    Here's the calculator:

    I actually would like to know more about your situation, and why you think you don't qualify, you sound like me financially as a small business.

    Thanks for responding, hope to hear more from you.

    John Peterson