Friday, October 25, 2013

Duffy confirms he would have destroyed full credit of U.S., costing taxpayers and losing Dollar as global standard. Way to go!

WPT's Here and Now's Frederica Freyberg wouldn't let the question go, and thankfully, got just the answer Sean Duffy voters needed to hear; his adherence to wacky tea party extremism would have in the long run, reduced the U.S. economic dominance in the world and raised the cost of government through the roof:


  1. If you were paying attention to the new brics financial system, china selling treasuries, all the gold being moved to the east, Chinas degong agency downgrading us debt, the fact that the debt ceiling doesnt matter but the debt does, and the house of Saud that just dumped the petrodollar, you would realize this plan to isolate the US into 3rd world poverty happened long before the tea party came on the scene.

    Americans are in for a lot of pain if they don't wake up and realize that "money" is not paper and digital blips on a screen very quickly.

  2. I do realize it. And tea party politicians should be stopped. It makes sense China would use our manufactured crisis for their own benefit.