Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WMC president Kurt "BS" Bauer says Minnesota's Republican Party not happy over their states Jobs and Business Success!!

Remember the story about Minnesota kicking Wisconsin's ass for job creation and business? Well, believe it or not, Kurt Bauer, president of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, explains why Minnesota Republicans envy Wisconsin, and say their state is going in the wrong direction? Amazingly, Bauer reveals Minnesota Republicans want their state to be more like us, despite the our lousy record. They even hope the unemployment rate increases to prove their point. Ideology over jobs, business and consumer certainty? From Upfront with Mike Gousha: 


  1. Good catch -- you have very good points posted here daily.

    They (WMC and their cohorts) can get away with this because the media props it up with propaganda.

    If journalism was even remotely related to determining accuracy and truthful perspectives, we would not have these type of folks on your TEE-VEE proclaiming nonsense that becomes part of the noooooze in papers, mainstream media webs, radio, and every other TEE-VEE outlet.

    IMHO, Upfront/Gousha did little more than provide a platform for some very dishonest propaganda.

    Glad you are calling it out -- but isn't this really about the folks that control the cameras, mics, and noooozepapers instead of the endless series of talking heads they parade in-front of us, propping up their illegitimate talking points?

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