Friday, October 18, 2013

WISGOP Freak Out Halloween Concoction: Mary Burke "a Lab Creation."

WISGOP is in full panic mode, spinning crazy talk like this:
How dare they sir? That’s right, Republicans don’t focus group anything. Heck, just ask Frank Luntz next time he’s in town to hand Scott Walker his next list of focus group tested talking points. Heck, Fox News even features Luntz's embarrassingly stupid focus groups as entertainment. 

WISGOP’s grasping at straws is almost too humorous to watch. For whatever reason, they decided to isolate parts of this comment:
Kristen Hansen, an official of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin in the 5th Congressional district, posted the following on Facebook: There were 41 focus groups of “regular people” held across the state and you know what came out of it? That the toughest competition for Walker would be 1) a woman, 2) who is highly educated, 3) who has a business background and is literally a job creator, 4) who has deep roots in Wisconsin and 5) is not a sitting politician. That person is Mary Burke and she will be a great candidate.
WISGOP’s snappy gotcha; they’re taking issue with the term “regular people,” like there are so few of them around? And “before the campaign even begins,” is such an odd pointless thing to bring up, my head is hurting:
Mary Burke "Fankenstein, or Walker's Zombies? 
Forty-one focus groups of “regular people?” Before the campaign even begins? This is how Mike Tate picked his candidate to face Gov. Walker?
And like the Bride of Frankenstein….
Mary Burke is not just a candidate. She’s a focus-group tested lab creation.

It’s like we have our own bunch of Louie Gohmert’s running the state’s majority party right now. They're either trying to get Walker reelected, or laughed out of the governorship.


  1. Whoa John,

    Seems the WISGOP is not the only party that has isolated part of the comment made by Ms Hansen.

    ICYMI the part of Ms Hansen's Facebook comment that said to voters likely opposing Walker, "And as for the “boo-hoo no one asked ME who I want for governor”, suggesting that Dems automatically get behind Ms Burke because the 41 focus groups have sufficiently informed D leadership who the best candidate is going to be should probably be mentioned.

    Readers might want to check out the 44 comments thus far over at Blogging Blue.

    Yes we all know how the WISGOP is predictably likely to behave, thank you, but the seeming attitude of D party leadership is the significantly more important factor here relating to Ms Hansen's statement, and will likely better inform your readers of the rest of the story.

  2. You've assumed I might disagree with Hansen. But I don't. I don't like the "boo hoo'ers" whining all the time about having their candidates picked for them. Stop complaining, my god.

    If you don't support them. don't. That's what primaries are for, and I hope there is one, because Democrats would benefit having their message plastered all over the media for months.

    I will back anyone getting into the race, and I will then pick my favorite. If Burke is the only one to enter the race, picked or not, then she's got my vote. And no, she's not better of two evils.

  3. Just pointing out that Mary Burke is a “sitting politician”, as a member of the Madison Metropolitan School District Board.