Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Area News Patch's too disappear.

I have found countless stories for my blog at the states local network of news Patch’s.

That’s all coming to an end. AOL  is pulling the plug on every Patch’s in the state. Here's just one sad goodbye:

AOL has decided to close Brookfield Patch, as well as all the other Wisconsin sites, and all Milwaukee area staff are being laid-off — so it's time for me to say Goodbye. Some may have heard the news, as I shared it on the Patch Facebook page last week, but I felt an official goodbye on the site was also in order. To get you all up-to-date, here's the lowdown: AOL has decided to pull the plug on Brookfield Patch, as well as all the other Wisconsin sites. All Milwaukee area staff are being laid-off. The sites may stay live, but nobody remains after Tuesday (Oct. 15). 

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